Volunteer Your Time

We are excited that you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer! At MHC Healthcare, our volunteers are one of our most valued resources. Volunteers who give their time, talents and skills bring comfort to our patients and their families and make a positive impact in the lives of others and the overall wellness of their community.

The common thread that links all of our volunteers is compassionate and dedicated service. There are many ways volunteers can become involved at MHC Healthcare, and we can work with you to match your interests with our needs. You can make a big difference in the lives of others by giving just a small amount of your time each week as a MHC Ambassador. Giving to others makes a difference in peoples' lives - yours and those you help.

Benefits to volunteering at MHC Healthcare:

  • Networking with others is a benefit each time you volunteer
  • Volunteering is a great way to meet people and make new friends
  • Volunteering can provide valuable work experience for students applying for jobs or scholarships during college

MHC Healthcare offers various types of service opportunities. Anyone over the age of 18, who is not enrolled in school, is eligible to apply to become a core volunteer at one of our 14 locations in Tucson, Catalina, and Marana. We ask that core volunteers give a minimum commitment of at least 33 hours. Volunteer opportunities are also available for students, giving them first-hand experience to learn what the primary care clinic environment is about. Students 16 years or older are eligible and are asked to commit at least 33 hours in three hour increments.

We would like to have businesses that volunteer with us for our health fairs and special events. We will work with you to make it an appropriate and meaningful experience. There are many service project programs for more administratively inclined volunteers who may find the work more appropriate to their skill set.   These are behind-the-scenes opportunities, but they are extremely important to the success of our clinics and the ability to reach out to patients in our communities.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at MHC Healthcare, we would love to hear from you. All interested candidates must complete an application and interview with a volunteer coordinator, as well as complete a health screening and attend a unique orientation program tailored specifically to volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Cotton Blossom Thrift Store 

The Cotton Blossom Thrift store is located in Marana and is a fund-raising venture sponsored by the MHC Healthcare Foundation. Its operation is dedicated to providing best quality and service in merchandise at great prices, recycling millions of pounds of items that would normally go to landfills, and raising funds to support efforts dedicated to meeting the healthcare and wellness needs of our community residents.
Volunteers are critical to the operation of the thrift store and bring the sense of community to the store environment. You may serve as a merchandise sorter, sales person or display organizer in this unique opportunity. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday 10-5pm.

Marana Health Center, Marana

The Marana Health Center is located in Marana.  As the largest clinic in the MHC Network, the possibilities for volunteers to contribute are plentiful.  Greeters, patient advocates, community health workers/promotoras, health fair aids, transportation drivers, and general administrative roles are filled by our volunteers.  Based on your interest and ability we can find a way for you to give of yourself and your time in support of our community health center. 

Service projects (satellite clinics in Tucson)

MHC Healthcare serves many diverse communities across the Tucson Metropolitan area in conjunction with the Catalina and Marana areas.  Likely we have a location in your neighborhood where you are able to give of your talent and time to support your local community.

For more information email us at HR@maranahealthcenter.org or call 520.682.4111.

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