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AZ Lions Vision Center Open for Business  October 7, 2013

Have you heard?

The Lions Vision Center will be operational on October 7th. The facility is on the 3rd floor of the Marana Health Center, located at 13395, N. Marana Main Street. The vision center will be open Monday and Tuesdays from 8-5pm. Make your appointment by calling 520-616-1567. If you have old glasses to donate, we welcome your donations too!!

The Vision Center serves everyone and is a great option for those with limited resources & for those who wish to be self-pay. The new Arizona Lions Vision Center is a partnership with The Arizona Lions Vision Centers, MHC Healthcare and The Abbett Family Foundation. The Abbett Family Foundation provided a gift to The MHC Healthcare Foundation in January of 2013. The generous gift enables the center to be established and will provide funds for nearly 1000 low-income patients of MHC Healthcare to receive glasses. It is the magic we make to provide the opportunity for our MHC patients to see their future more clearly.

*Please note the center is able to provide glasses only and not contact lenses.

Anyone and everyone can utilize the services of the Arizona Lions Vision Center. In addition, anyone who is in the Tucson area already has access to the Arizona Lions Vision Center located at the Community Food Bank at 3003 S. Country Club. The prices are listed below for the single and bi-focal options at the centers. Additional features and specialized items added to the glasses will incur an additional charge. All fees include new frames, lenses, the eye exam and glaucoma screening.


  TIER 1 TIER 2 TIER 3 TIER 4 >200% FPL
Single Vision $25.00 $35.00 $45.00 $55.00 $65.00
Bifocal $45.00 $55.00 $65.00 $75.00 $85.00


Application for low-income patients who need glasses

Funds donated by The Abbett Family Foundation are available to grant low-income patients of MHC Healthcare a voucher for single vision glasses. Patients must complete an application for the voucher, and be established with MHC Healthcare as a medical patient. The patient must have completed their initial visit with an MHC clinic in order to be granted a voucher. Forms are located on the MHC website under ‘SERVICES’ and the AZ Lions Vision Center tab or

A patient must be sliding fee scale or on AHCCCS to receive the vouchers. Vouchers may be redeemed at the Marana or Community Food Bank Vision Centers. Not valid at the Phoenix location. Please note all vouchers are valid for 90 days and are only issued out of the Marana Administrative Office for all locations monthly. Vouchers have no cash value.


Our MHC Outreach Team has been briefed on the application process and is able to provide information to clients about the application. All completed applications should be routed to the clinic practice manager or the MHC Outreach Manager who will send them to Mary Carter in the MHC Healthcare Office of Special Projects for approval and verification and to have a voucher issued.

This is a new venture for MHC Healthcare and the Arizona Lions Vision Centers. We ask for your cooperation and your patience as we work to bring the gift of vision to our community. 

If you have questions and/or ideas as we bring the newest service within the MHC Healthcare network online, please send those to .

Thank you for supporting MHC Healthcare & Wellness in our community.


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